Marketing Trends for 2024: Opportunities and Challenges

Black and white pen and ink drawing of a marketing trends graph in the jungle

“The year 2024 … is a time filled with opportunities and challenges we have never seen before.”* According to a marketing trends report by Videnglobe*, in 2024, consumers are “looking beyond just the price tag.” They no longer settle for the best deal. Studies reveal that the majority of consumers would rather invest in high…

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How to Back Up Your Website

Pen and ink image of a globe and a computer monitor in a lithograph style representing data backup.

The UpdraftPlus plugin is a widely used WordPress backup solution that plays a crucial role in safeguarding websites. It provides comprehensive backup and restoration options, allowing users to effortlessly back up their databases, themes, plugins, and media files for their sites. We recommend that users set up a Google Drive account and schedule automated backups,…

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Blue Sky Coaching

Blue Sky Coaching website executive program page screen shot

Pointing Business Leaders in the Right Direction Adjusting the Course When you accepted a leadership position, you willingly took the helm in a swaying vessel. Confident, you direct your team, keeping the course to a clearly defined route, and your goals well within reach. But what if the skies darken, fog muddles your view and…

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LanWorld Project

Something Old and Something New: The Beauty of Transformation Can your talents provide a fresh business idea? Have you ever experienced a flea market on your hands and knees, digging through dusty boxes of treasures? You pick up a rusted relic and flip it around in your hands, picturing a decorative splash of paint or…

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Jewel Basin

Jewel Basin Concierge Project

Extravagance Without Additional Responsibility A New Concierge Service Jewel Basin contacted JamboJon requesting a brand-new website geared towards clients who own a boat or RV. Though recreational vehicles provide opportunities for lasting memories with family and friends, they also require storage, engine maintenance, cleaning, servicing the tanks, oil changes, detailing, and winterization. All responsibilities we…

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First Fidelity Financial

screen shot of the about us page on the First Fidelity Financial Project

Leaning on the Experts to Simplify an Arduous Task The Unpredictable Terrain of the Financial World Imagine feeling completely indifferent towards the documents stacked in front of you. In any other setting, you might worry about something being overlooked in the fine print, but not today. You click your pen and smile. You chose a…

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Hera Arms

Hera Arms website home page screen shot

Shooting to Expand Their Reach The Importance of a Direction Connection HERA Arms USA outfits common citizens with customized rifles and accessories to enhance their shooting experience. In the past, they only sold equipment wholesale to other gun manufacturers and gun shops. Looking to expand their sales opportunities, they reached out to JamboJon to build…

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Next Level Homes

screen shot of the Home page on the Next Level Homes Project

Taking Home Buyers to the Next Level A Sleek Website for the Today’s Home Builder Next Level Homes builds innovative, high-end, residential communities and single-family homes in Utah. They needed a website that captured the quality and contemporary style of the homes they build. They wanted to shift the website’s focus to suit the desires…

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Arrive Home

Arrive Home Project

Weaving a Tapestry of Cultures into the American Dream of Homeownership How can a company connect with underserved communities? Arrive Home is a new mortgage company that empowers people from underserved communities to achieve their homeownership dreams. They partner with down payment assistance programs for Latinos, African Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans, who have…

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