Something Old and Something New: The Beauty of Transformation

Can your talents provide a fresh business idea?

Have you ever experienced a flea market on your hands and knees, digging through dusty boxes of treasures? You pick up a rusted relic and flip it around in your hands, picturing a decorative splash of paint or reimagining it as something completely different. Similarly, what if you dove knee-deep into an awareness of your own skills, brushing off dormant talents and creating something new - as a business venture? How would you go about making it happen? 

 Our client, Chris Bieling, understands the trembling-knee courage it takes to create a thriving, new business. He operates a successful international import and gun compliance modification company. He specializes in finding and shipping any kind of military equipment, even across country borders. Chris believed that his skill set for finding rare, collectible military pieces could be appreciated as more than just a practical means to an end. It could become art. He approached JamboJon with the task of helping him reimagine LAN world's service to his customers in 2023 and beyond. 

We partnered with Chris to find tangible ways to transform this vision into a reality. Rather than a website showcasing a digital museum of what Chris created, we wanted to engage his clients' original ideas. With such a unique vision of a new company, he needed an artistic website that takes an abstract, creative idea and shows how LAN World assists in developing beautiful showpieces. 

The Impossible Idea Became a Reality

Like an experienced picker at the same flea market, we assessed Chris's goals and identified the most valuable niche market for LAN World to pursue. We sifted the website into three different categories: manufacturing, importing, and industrial art. If a customer expresses an import or fabrication item that yet doesn't exist, LAN world can fabricate inventory and/or high-quality show pieces to the imagination's desires. If a client needs a rare item, the design and functionality of our website showcases LANWorld's strategy for locating and importing unique pieces from around the world. We encouraged visitors to consider industrially designed art for a taste of ambiance, uniqueness, and personality in any space.

  • We borrowed two exceptional recreations from the owner and used sliders to show the before and after reproductions. His portfolio offered a snapshot of the possibilities for industrial art in a day-to-day setting.
  • We leaned heavily on our client's love of history, military, and vintage pieces. Like-minded individuals clearly see his enthusiasm and are eager to participate in bringing history to life in new and unique ways.

Key Features:

All About the Client's Idea

LAN World places its clients' ideas at the center of everything they do. They specialize in making impossible visions come to life through clearly defined "next steps."

World Map

We tapped into an "old world" aesthetic, layering a background map to entice visitors to discover new vistas on their journey, even if the route veers from the norm.

Military Vehicles

We find what sparks passion in our clients. We highlighted our client's favorites, without making the WWII memorabilia the entire focus of the site.