Shooting to Expand Their Reach

The Importance of a Direction Connection

HERA Arms USA outfits common citizens with customized rifles and accessories to enhance their shooting experience. In the past, they only sold equipment wholesale to other gun manufacturers and gun shops. Looking to expand their sales opportunities, they reached out to JamboJon to build a brand-new website. They wanted to protect their existing business and create an interactive way for customers to learn about new products or purchase directly online.

To market directly to customers, we needed to tackle the magnitude of ecommerce. In any brick-and-mortar shop window, businesses interest customers with attractive displays, tantalizing sales, or opportunities to customize accessories or fit. We wanted to replicate this experience, but also, on a practical level, manage inventory and connect immediately to QuickBooks.

Hera Arms website founder protrait

Keeping the Customer Updated

Customers generally wander through stores, picking up items, feeling them, testing them, trying to picture these new items in their lives. With Hera Arms' site, we invited the customers through the ecommerce doors to do the same. With the swipe of a mouse, our hover features feel like an experienced, but not overbearing, salesman. Customers peek at the newest releases designed specifically for their lifestyle and get immediate feedback from other customers.

  • We created a personal ecommerce experience for gun enthusiasts, allowing them to "see" the product and its accessories and "learn" about its unique features.

  • We started a blog/newsletter to increase sales and to provide updates about new and discontinued items.

Key Features:

Hover Descriptions

Customers hover over key aspects of a rifle to learn what it does and how it can be customized to fit their needs.

Different Enthusiasts

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we geared product pages specific to the different classes of gun enthusiasts from hobbyists to military and law enforcement.

QuickBooks Sync

All orders sync immediately to QuickBooks so Hera Arms can print invoices and ship orders with the shipping option that works best for the customer.