Taking Home Buyers to the Next Level

screen shot of the Next Level Homes Project home page

A Sleek Website for the Today's Home Builder

Next Level Homes builds innovative, high-end, residential communities and single-family homes in Utah. They needed a website that captured the quality and contemporary style of the homes they build. They wanted to shift the website's focus to suit the desires and expectations of modern home buyers.

JamboJon created a seamless website design showcasing Next Level's brand and its stunning homes and properties. Now, Next Level Homes invites potential homebuyers to enter through the front door, immerse themselves in a unique style and discover an aesthetic that matches their own personalities.

A Modern Showroom

Today's home builder rarely expects a new customer to waltz through the doors of a brick-and-mortar showroom to view their options. Next Level Homes' new website design reflects the changing needs and preferences of current home buyers. It provides them with more up-front details and images about floor plans, finishes, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

This website is not only visually appealing, but flexible enough for Next Level to update and display their offerings according to the changing demands and expectations of the market. Dynamic and feature-rich, the new website more adequately responds to the inquiries of visitors and potential customers.

  • Elegant, functional, comfortable new website offers home buyers everything they need
  • Unique filtered gallery showcasing homes and communities based on user preference
  •  Beautiful design that shows off Next Level's gorgeous finishing touches
Available now page screen shot on the Next Level Homes Project

Key Features:

Elegant and Functional

With clean lines and luxurious textures, the simplicity of the new website speaks for itself. Visitors clearly navigate the site without being blasted with overwhelming details of the home buying process. They find what they need.

Finishing Touches

When you walk into a showroom, you want to reach out and touch the cool marble countertops or the view the sheen of the floor tile in natural light. The visuals and colors of the website provide the same experience of a home buyer.

Unique Filtered Gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What speaks to you? The images specifically chosen for Next Level's gallery portray warm, desirable communities, custom, high-end finishes and the essence of modern living.