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JamboJon is akin to a team of intrepid explorers in the digital realm. Its writers are like knowledgeable scribes, mapping the uncharted territories of SEO and engaging content, ensuring that each website’s narrative captivates and informs. The developers are skilled navigators, adept in the art of coding, steering through the complexities of front-end and back-end development to create responsive and efficient online havens. The graphic designers are the artists of this crew, painting the canvas of the web with visually stunning and innovative designs, much like a painter interpreting new landscapes. At the helm, the project managers are the experienced captains, expertly guiding the team through tumultuous project seas, keeping timelines on course, and ensuring that each client’s journey with JamboJon is a successful and fulfilling venture. This blend of adventurous spirits and expertise positions JamboJon as a trailblazer in the web development industry.

Jonny Johnson Headshot. Founder of JamboJon

Jonny Johnson

Creative Director | Founder
Even as a child, he would take things apart and figure out how to put them back together. His knack for engineering, household repairs, and fixing ever-breakable toys around the house bloomed into a career of discovery as a digital marketer, web designer, and developer. He began programming websites while the internet was in its infancy in 1998. Today, Jonny specializes in html, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Abobe Suite and more. He adds his innovative touch to marketing websites, shopping carts, and custom programs.
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Sarah Johnson Headshot, co-founder of JamboJon

Sarah Johnson

Sales Director | Co-Founder
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Headshot of Chantelle Barlow smiling

Chantelle Barlow

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Sierra Bieling Head shot

Sierra Bieling

Copywriter and Social Media Coordinator
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Kylee Priest Headshot

Kylee Priest

Graphic Designer
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Shanda Aurich headshot

Shanda Aurich

Web Developer
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Wendy Strickland - Headshot

Wendy Strickland

Senior Web Developer
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Headshot of Cassie Jones smiling in a white shirt.

Cassie Jones

Senior Web Developer and Project Manager
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