Interviews With Kids: How the Rising Generation Sees Web Development

black and white little girl

In this delightful interview series, we chat with our youngest JamboJon kiddos. They break down the process of web development into simple one-liners. Listen in as they share their thoughts, ideas, and hilarious misconceptions about websites. Prepare to be amused and inspired by their refreshingly honest perspective. Uncover what these pint-size experts think about the…

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Google Updates: Data Privacy and New Laws in 2024

black and white sketch of data privacy

By the end of 2024, new laws in Florida, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, and Montana will enforce stricter privacy policies in those states. To help with compliance to these laws, Google is providing tools to their partners in ads and analytics so they can opt-in to law compliance. Part of this support includes updating Google Ads…

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8 Professional Tips for Web Page Design

black and white sketch representing web design

A web page’s design can either draw in a visitor or turn them off completely. In this article, we cornered Kylee Priest, our designer extraordinaire to tap into her genius. She’s sharing eight professional tips to enhance any web page design. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice toying with some ideas, the advice…

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Less is More, Even in Business

Black and white sketch of Matterhorn Bobsled

In the business realm, the drive to create something new often leads a team to look outside for the next big thing–new resources, technology or skills. The fancier, the better. However, the key to sustainable success might be closer than you think. You created a business from scratch, relying on creativity, hard work, talent and…

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Storytelling and Marketing: The Formula That Makes Your Brand Memorable

black and white sketch of a stack of old books

Stories remain the most effective way to retain a consumer’s attention in an online marketplace overloaded with information. Why? As humans, we have been telling stories for millennia. We gravitate towards what interests us. You probably still wonder if your grandpa actually had that sixth finger he bragged about when you were little. When your…

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How to Make Writing Sound Less Like AI

black and white sketch of a man writing

A few tips and tricks to make your content more unique:   In its latest update, Google made some algorithm changes aimed to “reduce low-quality, inaccurate, or unoriginal content,” especially that generated by artificial intelligence.  What does that mean? Can you still use AI for content creation? Absolutely! Like it or not, AI has saturated…

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Advice for New Business Owners and Those Looking to Level Up

pen and ink sketch of a business owner leveling up while focusing on their website

What advice would you give to someone starting out with a new business and just setting up a website?    You either have time or money, but rarely both. A professional website is thousands of dollars. If you have the funding, then that’s a different ball game. But if you are just beginning with an…

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Net Neutrality Levels the Playing Field

a pen and ink drawing of an old fashioned scale weighing two things to represent the internet and they are equal in weight

This last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to reinstate net neutrality rules after a seven year hiatus enacted during the Donald Trump administration. They said that the pandemic made it clear that the internet is used more widely than ever before, including for school, work, and healthcare.  These net neutrality regulations block…

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