How to Have Fun in the Rain

black and white drawing of rain boots in a puddle

Sometimes, you just need to step away from the desk. Clear your head. When it’s raining outside, take advantage of the unexpected excursion. Be spontaneous! Go for a rainy hike. Breathe the deeply earthy smell all around you. Embrace your inner child and splash in puddles. Pack a waterproof picnic blanket, snacks, and cuddle under…

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Learn from the Experts at an AI Marketing Workshop in Utah

Digital flyer for the event details

Useful AI Workshop: Leverage AI, ML and Digital Transformation Today Tuesday, April 23, 2024 from 10am-1pm The buzz around AI and Machine Learning is getting too loud to ignore. But do you know how to implement AI in your business? Join 10K Alumni at Silicon Slopes on April 23 to learn from Guy Harding and…

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How Do You Create a Gantt Chart? 

black and white sketched style image representing a ghantt char in excel

You’ve planned your project with intricate detail. You’ve accounted for budget, materials, and helpers along the way. But sometimes, an unanticipated storm knocks your project off track. When your best-laid plans get smudged beyond recognition, even the simplest tools can help you recalibrate. Start with a brand-new timeline. A gantt chart illustrates a realistic project…

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Competitor Analysis: When It Rains, It Doesn’t Have to Pour

black and white sketch of a business man and umbrella standing in pouring rain with other business people on the sides with their umbrellas

Every business must face stormy weather. When the proverbial skies darken, and raindrops smear against the window panes, you have a choice. You can curl up in a ball with comfy socks, hoping that the rain will go away on its own. Or you can pull out your galoshes and look for unique opportunities to…

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Take a Leap This Year! How to Build Better Business Relationships

Black and white explorer leaping

Every four years, an extra day sneaks onto February’s calendar, throwing us off with a bonus 24 hours. In some cultures, Leap Year Day is a day when women can propose marriage to a man. Taking that next-level leap in a relationship can be intimidating! (Cue sweaty hands and stuttering words!) To celebrate this light-hearted…

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How to Use AI in Business

Black and White Pen and ink of an AI robot and human on a life size chess board being friends with tech overlays

AI is a mixed bag of usefulness and crutches. “AI is a mixed bag of usefulness and crutches. Regardless of your feelings, technology is here to stay. I try to keep an open mind about how it can improve the speed and quality of my work, but I also understand that it has limits and…

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Setting Boundaries At Work

Black and White sketch image of an exhausted man at his desk buried in a heavy workload

As entrepreneurs, we give our all to the success of our business. We dive into the adventure, headfirst, poised for the challenges inevitably around every corner. We thrive on making a difference in our clients’ lives. But at some point, does our work identity become our only identity? Professor Arthur Brooks* at the Harvard Business…

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Good Life with Lindsay

Screenshot of the Good Life With Lindsey JamboJon Project Home page

Following Those Who Light the Way Health Challenges That Leave You in the Dark For thousands of years, humankind operated in the dark, aided only by candles or torches to light the way. When Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, it changed the world forever.  Have you ever had a health problem that needed assistance? On your…

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Refresh Your Marketing Strategy With Video Content

Black and White pen and Ink drawing of woman with SEO element overlay

In an age of fleeting attention spans, video content captures audience engagement more effectively than traditional mediums. Video allows brands to convey a narrative with compelling visuals and storytelling, creating a more lasting impact on viewers. Video marketing, in the words of HubSpot, is “one of, if not the, most important marketing trend today and…

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Tie Up That Garbage Bag – How to Clear Out the Web Browser Cache

Black and White pen and Ink drawing of a trash bag and tech overlays

When you encounter a problem using a website, often, tech support will suggest that you “clear your cache.” While many of us aren’t tech savvy, we understand basic cleaning principles. Think of it this way: when the garbage is full, it’s time to take it out.    A “cache” is a collection of temporary files…

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