Pointing Business Leaders in the Right Direction

Adjusting the Course

When you accepted a leadership position, you willingly took the helm in a swaying vessel. Confident, you direct your team, keeping the course to a clearly defined route, and your goals well within reach. But what if the skies darken, fog muddles your view and choppy waves throw your business off course, far away from where you want to be? What do you do? You keep a close eye on the compass.

Shawn Richards and his company, Blue Sky Consulting, help entrepreneurs and small businesses identify their position and address their challenges. They pinpoint the specific things that will improve their business, encourage a work/life balance, and grow profits, not deficits. A consultation with Shawn solidifies how to hire and find the right people to hire.

Shawn Richards approached JamboJon, frustrated with an old website incompatible with newer technology. As a consulting company, he needed a client-friendly site where he could attract new business and continue to assist existing clients. Blue Sky's clients came to them with only one thought, "All I know is that I have a problem with my business."

Pinpointing the Problems

Every business needs to reference a compass from time to time to check if they have veered off course, even a business consulting company. JamboJon stepped in to streamline Blue Sky's content, reviewed conversion rates and continued to tweak messaging to ensure we delivered a website with a successful track record. We transformed their quiz messaging, updated the customer journey to reflect their pain points and simplified website navigation. An interested client could receive immediate quiz feedback, pinpointing the business areas that need attention.

  • We tweaked the online quiz for consumers so that it flowed quickly and was more user-friendly.
  • We streamlined Blue Sky's message to its clients, meeting them where they were. 

Key Features:

Lead Magnet

Not only can a client know, numerically, where to improve their business successes, but they can also experience a taste of Blue Sky's expertise for free! With an email submission they receive a free gift and ongoing communication.


Faltering businesses need immediate feedback! We designed a simplified, user-friendly quiz and then directed interested users into scheduling a one-on-one consultation to discuss results.

New Content

In an ever-evolving business climate, Blue Sky offers updated blog posts and the latest articles and podcasts, so their clients always have current information at their fingertips.