“Jambo!” Our Company Name’s Origin Story

In 2005 company founders Jonny and Sarah Johnson traveled to Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Standing in line for the safari ride in the African land, they heard over the  loudspeaker, “Jambo! And welcome to Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari!”   Jambo means, “hello!” in Swahili. Jonny’s brother Jim turned around in line and said, “Jambo,…

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Founder’s Story

Jonny and Sarah Johnson, Co-Founders of JamboJon

The husband and wife team blends the perfect pair of technology, design, and storytelling. Jonny naturally excelled at the arts. He was the kid who was always doodling on his math homework. Learning Japanese on a two-year service mission unlocked a new part of his brain. After his return to his hometown of Salt Lake…

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JamboJon Core Values

CORE VALUESBe optimistic and positive.Be respectful and kind.Time is a gift.Focus on what you are good at.Competitive DistinctionEvery person comes to the planet with a purpose and mission, and for some of us, that includes owning a business. When a business succeeds, the whole community is lifted, including innovation in problem-solving, job creation, happy customers, and increased economic resources. Business…

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