JamboJon Core Values


Be optimistic and positive.
Be respectful and kind.
Time is a gift.
Focus on what you are good at.
Competitive Distinction

Every person comes to the planet with a purpose and mission, and for some of us, that includes owning a business. When a business succeeds, the whole community is lifted, including innovation in problem-solving, job creation, happy customers, and increased economic resources. 

Business leaders deserve to have a web development team like JamboJon that crafts a compelling story, delivered in a visually-stunning way, so customers take that next step in their buying journey.  But the human consumer isn't the only opinion that matters. In today's digital market, Google's ranking can sink or propel a company's market share. Our services are designed to spark an emotional reaction in buyers AND to inspire search engines to rank! We marry the art and science of website technology.

Most website developers ask you to provide copy, pick the theme, and then program your website, not at JamboJon. With a robust understanding of consumer behavior, conversion, and onsite optimization, we begin the website creation process with consulting. We identify the target demographic, the external and internal problems solved, and identify the brand's story archetype. After crafting compelling copy, drafting daring designs, and coding robust programming, our customers receive a website that empowers them to connect, share and inspire! 

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