“Jambo!” Our Company Name’s Origin Story

JamboJon's Origin Story

In 2005 company founders Jonny and Sarah Johnson traveled to Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Standing in line for the safari ride in the African land, they heard over the  loudspeaker,

"Jambo! And welcome to Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari!"  

Jambo means, "hello!" in Swahili.

Jonny's brother Jim turned around in line and said, "Jambo, Jonny!"

JamboJon was born that day!

The internet is like a virtual safari. Every company has unique stripes or dots, and all are looking for that virtual watering hole where new customers and potential businesses congregate.

At the time, website development trends were stark, cold, and contemporary. We wanted to showcase rich textures, intricate designs, and thematic messaging. Our first website way back then included rich textures, layered designs, and imaginative text. Fast forward a few iterations and we have remained true to our vision. We are guides to navigate the complexities of the online safari. But we aren't just guiding the African grasslands; we are helping you navigate any business adventure!

Check out our latest promo video. You'll see the vision we hope to inspire in your business and beyond!

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