Founder’s Story

Jonny and Sarah Johnson, Co-Founders of JamboJon

The husband and wife team blends the perfect pair of technology, design, and storytelling.

Jonny naturally excelled at the arts.

He was the kid who was always doodling on his math homework. Learning Japanese on a two-year service mission unlocked a new part of his brain. After his return to his hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah, he aced his college calculus class. This bridge catapulted his career in a way that enhanced a hybrid programmer and designer! Jonny excels in left-brain programming and right-brain graphic design, which is incredibly unusual in the tech industry.

Serving as the marketing director for a software company during the Internet's infancy, his boss handed him an HTML book and asked him to make a company website. Twenty-five years later, he is a self-taught programmer with expertise in HTML, Java, PHP, CSS, and CPanel. He can also skin WordPress inside and out; he built his content management system from scratch. In addition, graphic design always came naturally to him; his style offers an intuitive connection to the client's brand experience and intentions. After mastering the storytelling archetypes through design, he has led our JamboJon team of designers to implement  JamboJon's proprietary design system.

Sarah's love of storytelling came early.

She traveled across Utah performing in a Shakespearean acting company for five years and discovered her love of the stage. Sarah received an Organizational Communications degree from the University of Utah. She gained her first marketing experience at Red Butte Garden, where she began her career as a college intern. She got her first "By Line" in the Deseret News and appeared on local television stations, channels 2, 4, 5, and 13 for promotional work at the Garden. She learned how to do layout design, copy writing, editing for publication, press checks, and how to gain free news publicity through public relations. She began her first entrepreneurial business in 2001, where she became a consultant and then earned the position of sales director.

After running in too many directions; Jonny marketing for a manufacturing company, doing freelance on the side; Sarah as a sales director for a cosmetic company, and delivering their third child, they decided to join forces and start JamboJon.

Jonny's technical background, design prowess, and Sarah's sales and copy writing experience made it the perfect combination for a unique and powerful website development product. Since then JamboJon has grown from just two to a team of 13.  Now JamboJon’s team has built more than 400 websites for companies across the nation,  and aspires to help advanced entrepreneurs and growing businesses with their online  marketing.

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