Tidy Up Your Digital Space: How to Optimize Your Website for SEO

March 6, 2024

black and white explorer cleaning up digital space

Do the holidays add piles of disorganized clutter to your space? Many people embrace spring cleaning as a way to clear out winter’s jumble. This can extend beyond the four corners of your room. Can you spruce up your website as well? Much like the care we give to our living spaces, your online platform deserves the same attention. As your trusted website development partner, we’ve tapped into a  set of cleaning principles to breathe fresh life into your digital presence:


1. Mop Up Cluttered Design Elements

Start your digital deep cleaning by mopping away cluttered design elements. Remove unnecessary photos, graphics or color blocks that might overwhelm visitors or distract them from essential information. Every element on your site should serve a purpose. Streamline your website’s layout with a clean and organized appearance. 


2. Dust Off Outdated Content:

Give your website a thorough dusting by revisiting and updating outdated content. Eliminate expired promotions and irrelevant information. Give your visitors fresh, relevant, dust-free website content that shows you are not stuck in the past. 


3. Sort Through Navigation Structure:

Spring cleaning begins when we pull out garbage bags and begin sorting methodic piles of our belongings. Take an honest look at your website’s navigation structure. Organize menu items logically, categorize content effectively, and create a hierarchy that guides visitors seamlessly through your digital space. 


4. Brush Away Broken Links:

Broken links act as digital cobwebs, negatively impacting user experience and search engine rankings. Keep your website’s pathways clear and smooth.

Use a plugin like “Broken Link Checker” (or other similar tools) to conduct a meticulous search in every corner of your site for broken links that may be hindering your website’s functionality. Once you do so, make sure you do a redirect on pages that have been renamed.


5. Scour Slow Loading Times:

Sluggish website loading times indicate neglect. Don’t get bogged down.

Optimize your images, clean up code, and address any factors contributing to delays. A swift, responsive website enhances user satisfaction. (Take a look at our tech tip article this month to see if this will help you.)


6. Purge Unnecessary Plugins:

You know the thrill of purging the excessive “stuff” that bogs you down? Declutter the unused or redundant plugins from your site. Unnecessary plugins slow down performance and compromise your security. We recommend keeping the number of plugins down to 17. We can certainly help with this! If you are worried about what you can delete or update, schedule a call! We want to help streamline your site so it works efficiently. 


7. Scrub Security Weaknesses:  

Conduct a free security audit with JamboJon. Scrub away potential security vulnerabilities by strengthening passwords, updating security plugins, and implementing additional measures to fortify your website against potential threats. Maintain a secure online presence with a well-protected website.


8. Organize meta tags and keywords.

Organize your website’s meta tags and keywords with the precision of a permanent marker on a new storage bin. An organized SEO strategy contributes to improved visibility. Review and update meta titles, descriptions, and keywords to align with current trends and search engine algorithms. 


Present a polished and positive user experience to your site visitors. Remember - we’re here to support you throughout this spring cleaning journey. If you need assistance implementing these principles or have questions about optimizing your website, feel free to reach out to our expert team. Here’s to a sparkling and revitalized online presence!