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February 2024 #2

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Take a Leap This Year! How to Build Better Business Relationships

Every four years, an extra day sneaks onto February’s calendar, throwing us off with a bonus 24 hours. In some cultures, Leap Year Day is a day when women can propose marriage to a man. Taking that next-level leap in a relationship can be intimidating! (Cue sweaty hands and stuttering words!) To celebrate this light-hearted day, I propose that we take a different kind of relationship leap. Let’s look at our interactions with our clients and take them up a notch…

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Sarah Johnson Headshot, co-founder of JamboJon

Meet Sarah Johnson

Sales Director and Co-Founder of JamboJon

Sarah's love of storytelling came early. She traveled across Utah performing in a Shakespearean acting company for five years, telling stories and expressing the human experience. A marketing internship at the University of Utah’s Red Butte Garden introduced her to the marketing world, or short-form storytelling. When Sarah found herself running in too many directions, personally and professionally, she joined forces with her husband, Jonny, to create JamboJon in 2010. The combination of her entrepreneurial sales and copywriting skills with Jonny’s technical background and design prowess made a unique and powerful website development product. Together, they harmonize the three components of website development: technology, storytelling, and graphics. You’ll most likely find Sarah happily up to her elbows in her garden, cozying up to a good love story, or baking chocolate chip cookies. 

Opportunities & Challenges

Black and White sketch image of an exhausted man at his desk buried in a heavy workload

Setting Boundaries At Work

As entrepreneurs, we give our all to the success of our business. We dive into the adventure, headfirst, poised for the challenges inevitably around every corner. We thrive on making a difference in our clients’ lives. But at some point, does our…

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Tech Tips

Black and White Pen and ink of an AI robot and human on a life size chess board being friends with tech overlays

How to Use AI in Business

AI is a mixed bag of usefulness and crutches. “AI is a mixed bag of usefulness and crutches. Regardless of your feelings, technology is here to stay. I try to keep an open mind about how it can improve the speed and…

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New Launch

Home page screenshot of Penny Ann's Cafe Website

Penny Ann’s Cafe

Making the Right Connections at a Local Gathering Place Keeping Up the Pace Imagine discovering a secret sanctuary where you and your spouse meet friends around the table to enjoy a fresh, warm meal. You visit so often, it becomes your SPECIAL…

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Yes, absolutely! Your insights play a key role in crafting a design that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives. Web design involves various elements, including aesthetics that enhance the desired message, as well as industry trends, and conversion goals. We use color psychology, brand archetypes and the latest conversion strategies to design the look and feel of your website. We consider what will resonate with your audience and drive them to convert, whether it's making a purchase or taking a specific action. 


Additionally, there are touchpoints throughout the process where you have the opportunity to review the content, design, and site before finalization, allowing them to add their own personal touch to their site(s).

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