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The Power of Simplification

July 2024 #7

Welcome to the July issue of The Compass. Summer is a time to enjoy simple pleasures: sipping lemonade on a porch, watching the kids run through the sprinklers, and lying on a blanket watching a colorful fireworks display. Did you know that simplifying can even improve your business? This month, we dive deep into the art of doing more with less. Our feature article cites famous examples of how simplification resulted in tremendous success. You’ll get to know Kylee Priest, our professional graphic designer and developer, and poke around in her mind for her best tips for effective web design. 

Just for fun, we thought we’d put the JamboJon kids in the spotlight to break down the logistics of web development in easy-to-understand ways. Read up on a recent project that shows how minimizing a website can expand its reach. Finally, we address a frequently asked question: How do we keep costs low at JamboJon? Join us in discovering the many ways simplicity can lead to success. We wish all of you a Happy 4th!

image for the 10ksb alumni backlink party

Backlinks are an essential ingredient in marketing, they drive more traffic and build credibility for SEO. Co-Founder of JamboJon, Sarah Johnson, in partnership with Goldman Sach's 10,000 Small Businesses, is hosting a backlink party. At the workshop you will partner with other business leaders in your industry to create relevant links.

Attendees will:

  • Track domain authority score
  • Learn how to use AI to generate copy
  • Add a blog post to your website
  • Round-Robin with industry partners to post backlinks from your site

This will all be done in real time, so bring a working laptop and boost your marketing before the party's over! Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Small Business Alumni are invited, plus JamboJon customers and friends.

Less is More, Even in Business

In the business realm, the drive to create something new often leads a team to look outside for the next big thing-new resources, technology or skills. The fancier, the better. However, the key to sustainable success might be closer than you think. You created a business from scratch, relying on creativity, hard work, talent and a purpose behind everything you do. You’ve gotten the rocket off the ground. Now, riding that momentum, you can differentiate yourself in your niche market in…

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Kylee Priest Headshot

Web Designer and Developer

Kylee Priest always felt she was a creative person and naturally gravitated to art. She has managed her own professional photography business for several years and loves capturing life’s special moments. She especially looks forward to photo shoots with couples, bottling the emotions of the moment into a precious “time capsule” core memory. When she transitioned into her role as a graphic designer and developer for JamboJon, the team witnessed her natural eye for beauty and the way her artistic touches brought messages to life. 

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kylee finds inspiration in the great outdoors and enjoys the simplicity of nature. Her knack for organizing events brings people together. She has been married for 11 years and is a proud parent of two boys and two girls. Her love for design, appreciation for the natural world, and the warmth of her family life all contribute to the unique individual she is today.

black and white sketch of data privacy

Google Updates: Data Privacy and New Laws in 2024

By the end of 2024, new laws in Florida, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, and Montana will enforce stricter privacy policies in those states. To help with compliance to these laws, Google is providing tools to their partners in ads and analytics so they can opt-in to law compliance. Part of this…

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Tech Tips

black and white sketch representing web design

8 Professional Tips for Web Page Design

A web page’s design can either draw in a visitor or turn them off completely. In this article, we cornered Kylee Priest, our designer extraordinaire to tap into her genius. She’s sharing eight professional tips to enhance any web page design. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice toying with some ideas, the advice is the same: Create…

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New Launch

Screenshot of the hero panel on the Home Page of HR Service Inc.

HR Service Inc

Reeling In More Customers For Your Business Orchestrating the Perfect Catch How wide can you spread your marketing net? If you are the fisherman standing at the water’s edge, ready to reel in customers, you need the right equipment. A professional fisherman checks and double checks his casting net before tossing it into…

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Interviews With Kids: How the Rising Generation Sees Web Development

In this delightful interview series, we chat with our youngest JamboJon kiddos. They break down the process of web development into simple one-liners. Listen in as they share their thoughts, ideas, and hilarious misconceptions about websites. Prepare to be amused and inspired by their refreshingly honest perspective. Uncover what these pint-size experts think about the virtual spaces we create.  …

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photo of lighthouse

We are strategic and efficient in what we do. We avoid unnecessary duplicated effort by leveraging existing plugins and code, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel. Time is valuable, so we streamline our processes. Additionally, we dedicate significant time to thoroughly understanding project requirements up front, minimizing the likelihood of rework during development. This meticulous approach delivers high-quality results while keeping costs reasonable for our clients.

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