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March 2024 #3

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Tidy Up Your Digital Space: How to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Do the holidays add piles of disorganized clutter to your space? Many people embrace spring cleaning as a way to clear out winter’s jumble. This can extend beyond the four corners of your room. Can you spruce up your website as well? Much like the care we give to our living spaces, your online platform deserves the same attention. As your trusted website development partner, we’ve tapped into a  set of cleaning principles to breathe fresh life into your digital presence:…

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Wendy Strickland

Meet Wendy Strickland

Project Manager and Web Developer, JamboJon Websites

You won’t find a more dedicated and passionate website developer than Wendy Strickland! She relishes the challenge to learn. She constantly stretches her skill set in ways that enhance the performance and appearance of her websites. She thrives in the freedom to work from home because it gives her the ability to serve her clients well without sacrificing the time she spends with her husband and three wonderful boys. 

Wendy’s skill set continues to impress. Recently, she programmed the CRM integration with Keap and WordPress for PIEUtah and has helped build more than 50 sites over the years. She’s a keeper, for sure!

Wendy’s creative talents extend far beyond a computer screen. Wendy brings beautifully detailed graphite and charcoal drawings to life. Her artistic eye adds stunning new visuals to her websites and her development skills make her projects functional and effective. If she’s not at her desk, you can be certain she’s on the road with her family, seeing the world. More than likely, she’ll have her trusty Dr. Pepper in hand! 

Opportunities & Challenges

Black and White pen and Ink drawing of woman with SEO element overlay

Refresh Your Marketing Strategy With Video Content

In an age of fleeting attention spans, video content captures audience engagement more effectively than traditional mediums. Video allows brands to convey a narrative with compelling visuals and storytelling, creating a more lasting impact on viewers. Video marketing, in the words of…

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Tech Tips

Black and White pen and Ink drawing of a trash bag and tech overlays

Tie Up That Garbage Bag – How to Clear Out the Web Browser Cache

When you encounter a problem using a website, often, tech support will suggest that you “clear your cache.” While many of us aren’t tech savvy, we understand basic cleaning principles. Think of it this way: when the garbage is full, it’s time…

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New Launch

screenshot of the JamboJon Scenic Solutions Website Project permanent install page

Scenic Solutions

Your Imagination is the Limit Finding the Priceless Diamond You receive an invitation to display a product booth at a massive annual conference. You stand shoulder to shoulder with the titans in your industry. Even with thousands of attendees and presenters, your…

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It would be nice if, during spring cleaning, we could just toss everything and invest in something brand new. Since that’s not always the case, our approach to creating a new project scope is no different. It depends on several factors:

Obviously, we love working with businesses to create a new website platform, with your current goals and marketing strategies in mind. If you have a current website that is built using our “best-practice” standards, we can absolutely work with what you have.

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