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Graduation and Growth:

Mastering the Next Level in Business

May 2024 #5

Welcome to this graduation edition of The Compass. At JamboJon, this season deserves reflection. It’s a time to turn around and look down the mountain at how far you’ve come. In this edition, we spotlight our recent graduates and how their unique skill set can give your business a fresh vantage point. In our tech tip, we’ll explore the shortcuts that make life a little less demanding. You’ll get to meet our team member, Shanda Aurich, and hear the latest developments in the FCC’s decision to level the playing field with net neutrality.

As an added bonus, we sat down with our mentor and friend, Jonny Johnson, co-founder and owner of JamboJon, to get his advice for those just starting out or wanting to level up their businesses and websites. One of our most recent case studies shows this advice in real time with an older website that needed some attention. Finally, we’ll answer your burning questions about our experience in different fields in our FAQ section. As always, share the love with family and friends - forward them the latest edition of The Compass for insights into the business and marketing world. Last but not least, we wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers and mentors!

Featured Articles

Making Your Hiring Processes One Degree Better

You’ve been there. You’ve been the family member fanning yourself in a sweltering auditorium, but you’ve also been the one to take the stage in cap and gown, diploma in hand. But what comes next? “Young adults are having a challenging time finding good, well-paying jobs. The job market is extremely competitive, as more and more Americans attain college degrees. Furthermore, employers are requiring unrealistic professional experience for entry-level positions, making it difficult for recent graduates to compete in the job…

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Advice for New Business Owners and Those Looking to Level Up

What advice would you give to someone starting out with a new business and just setting up a website?    You either have time or money, but rarely both. A professional website is thousands of dollars. If you have the funding, then that’s a different ball game. But if you are just beginning with an idea, you have two options:  Do you buy a new website or do it yourself?    As you consider these options, remember:   Time is valuable.…

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Meet Shanda Aurich

Web Developer for JamboJon Websites

If you ever gaze at the night sky and feel inspired by a sense of wonder and amazement, you’re not alone. Shanda Aurich, our web developer, is also our astronomy enthusiast, and the skies over Washington State awaken a desire to soak in all the knowledge she can. To keep both her mind and body in shape, she enjoys jogging and feeling the sun warm her face. For her, a deep breath in the great outdoors provides one of life’s simple pleasures. 

Shanda recently completed her degree in web development and computer programming. When she’s not plunking away at  a computer, she loves to read fantasy and science fiction novels. Mention Lord of the Rings and watch Shanda’s eyes sparkle! This proud mother of four finds developing for JamboJon incredibly fulfilling, and she’s constantly growing her programming skills. Being part of a dynamic team and contributing her talents to each project has been a rewarding experience, and she’s excited to see where this journey takes her.

News, Trends, & Promotions

a pen and ink drawing of an old fashioned scale weighing two things to represent the internet and they are equal in weight

Net Neutrality Levels the Playing Field

This last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to reinstate net neutrality rules after a seven year hiatus enacted during the Donald Trump administration. They said that the pandemic made it clear that the internet is used more widely than ever before, including for school, work, and healthcare. …

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Tech Tips

pen and ink sketch of a hand typing on a keyboard

While There are No Shortcuts in Life, Enjoy Shortcut Keys for Mac and PC Users

At a theme park, you purchase a pass that allows you to jump to the front of the line. In a traffic jam, you might veer off the main road and find a back road to reach your destination much more quickly. Are there shortcuts in life? Absolutely! A shortcut doesn’t mean that you skip the necessary steps on…

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New Launch

Home page screen shot of Arthritis Knee Pain Center

Arthritis Knee Pain Center

Hit the Ground Running With a New Website Repurposing Your Message Have you ever worn out a pair of running shoes? It happens gradually. At first, the inside lining starts to deteriorate, offering you less cushion. You develop blisters on your feet, even though you’ve never had problems before. Over time, bumpy trails…

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While we don't claim to be experts in every possible commercial industry, we used tried-and-true principles that work for everyone. JamboJon's extensive portfolio of over 400 completed websites spans diverse sectors, including medical, aesthetics, insurance, therapy, business consulting, artists, restaurants, authors, construction, and entertainment. 

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