How to Make Writing Sound Less Like AI

June 3, 2024

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A few tips and tricks to make your content more unique:


In its latest update, Google made some algorithm changes aimed to “reduce low-quality, inaccurate, or unoriginal content,” especially that generated by artificial intelligence. 

What does that mean? Can you still use AI for content creation? Absolutely! Like it or not, AI has saturated our world. Online content is no exception. AI content might not be memorable enough to share with your book group, but enough to pass.

Let’s talk about a few solutions to take AI content up a level. Think of generating AI content as a basic cookie dough base. If you add some ingredients of your own and mix it up, you can concoct over a hundred different cookie combinations with just that one base. 


Favorite Words

Any author will tell you that they have favorite words. Subconsciously, they seem to use these words more often than intended. That’s why a content creator uses beta readers and editors to pick up on those pesky words that sneak onto the manuscript. For some reason, even with access to millions of words in a dictionary, AI seems to do the same. When you use AI on a consistent basis, you’ll start to see them all the time. Their neon glow shouts, “This is AI!” Some of my favorite culprits:

  • “Ensure”
  • “Explore”
  • “Discover”
  • “Captivate”
  • “Robust”
  • “Dynamic”
  • “Elevate”
  • “Landscape”
  • “Tapestry”
  • “In the realm of…”

Once you see them, you can’t “unsee” them. Replace these words ASAP! Do you really need them to communicate your ideas? I bet something else could fit instead.


Change Up Sentence Structures and Lengths

Let’s be real. In a normal conversation, people do not speak in the same sentence structure and length ALL THE TIME. Just try it! Sometimes it’s short. Sometimes it’s a long, extended sentence that uses three comparisons, separated by commas, and ends with one, final, convincing, thought-provoking line. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a question now and then? Variety spices up the content and adds interest. 


Write What You Know

While AI can churn out thousands of words in just a short span of time, it doesn’t have life experience. Add a personal touch to the writing by including something you know. It’s one thing to write a sterile, unemotional article about the role of hospice providers in the United States. It’s quite another to talk about the emotional experience of allowing a hospice provider to hold your mother’s fragile hand as she’s too weak to even lift a tissue out of the box. Your emotion reflects your relatable, human experience.


Toss the Metaphors

AI loves a good metaphor! Whether it gushes about “sand through the hourglass” or “navigating the jungle of the business world,” you might want to keep a close eye on it. Sometimes the metaphor fits. Other times, it might seem like a stretch. If it doesn’t work, snip snip! Cut it out. Try an analogy instead. When all else fails, just say it like it is.  



When writing an article or essay, structure can keep you on track. If you know a specific word count, you know roughly how many paragraphs you must work with. When you use AI to write your article, watch out for the rigid structure. Developers programmed AI to mirror exactly how an essay should be written: introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs with topic sentences, conclusion. It’s not a bad flow, but depending on what you’re writing, it might not be necessary to use such strict boundaries. If you’re trying to include an emotional story about the NICU doctor who showed up in time to save your daughter’s life, let the structure be flexible. 



When you specify a word or paragraph count for your project, AI might not have enough meaty content to fill it. It begins to repeat itself, not verbatim, but through expressing the same ideas with different wording. Watch for the patterns. Can you consolidate the repetitive sentences into one cohesive thought?


Farm It Out

As always, there’s an app for that. For a price, developers have designed programs to “get the AI out” of AI. It adds a more human touch to robot-generated content. Whether or not the Google algorithms can still track that kind of tweaking, is still up in the air. You probably don’t need it. Take a competent writer, give them AI-generated content and this list of tips, and you’ll have much better results in no time!

If you want a mentor to guide you through how to use AI, we have some experts here at JamboJon! Reach out to us and we can help you! 

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