How to Use AI in Business

March 12, 2024

Black and White Pen and ink of an AI robot and human on a life size chess board being friends with tech overlays

AI is a mixed bag of usefulness and crutches.

"AI is a mixed bag of usefulness and crutches.

Regardless of your feelings, technology is here to stay. I try to keep an open mind about how it can improve the speed and quality of my work, but I also understand that it has limits and dangers. Like any new technology, you can write it off as a detriment or look for ways to grow with it. Adaptability may be the answer as AI becomes more and more powerful, and I realize I will have to change the ways I have done things in the past as its usefulness increases.

"Although many are averse to its use, I have been experimenting with ways ChatGPT can improve my processes. It has shown great promise in several areas of my work. From improving programming skills, content creation, and flushing out business ideas to solving a host of challenges, I am beginning to see great use and am intrigued by what is to come as the technology improves. I am excited and cautious to see what the future holds for ChatGPT and other AI systems.”

- Jonny Johnson, JamboJon Creative Director


Want to know how to use AI in business? Here’s a handful of ideas:


  • Try using it as a springboard for ideas.

    Ask lots of questions. AI can provide insights you might not have considered to fill in the gaps.

    • Example: You might try asking AI to give you some ideas on how you can connect with your audience through social media. Ask follow up questions on each suggestion.


You can set up automation for repetitive tasks.

AI takes the busy out of busy work. Program reminders. Send notices without having to look at your calendar.

  • Example: Ask AI how you can use chatbots or messaging platforms to send automated reminders or notices. 


Let AI analyze data.

At the touch of a button, AI processes the figures you feed to it. Whether you’re looking for marketing successes or projecting figures for the next year, its ease makes AI indispensable.

  • Example: Plug in your monthly sales and conversions for 2023. Ask AI to summarize and interpret the data, then ask for predictions about trends and market changes for this year.

Can you use it to improve customer service?

With automated chatbots, you can touch base with your customers without having to constantly check in personally.

  • Example: Ask AI how to set up a chatbot for routine inquiries, freeing up human responders to address more complex issues.


Let it help you optimize your processes.

From advertisements and job postings to real estate listings and social media posts, AI simplifies the content creation process. (One caution: Don’t ONLY use AI in your writing – that can be spotted a mile away.)

  • Example: Ask ChatGPT to write a job or real estate listing. Include the specific, key components. Review the listing and edit to sound less robotic. 

AI will probably be part of the conversation for a long time. Don’t shy away from using AI as a tool to help improve your business.