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Like many great storytellers, our copywriter, Chantelle Barlow, ties her hair into a messy ponytail and holes up in a small corner of the house tapping away at the computer. With music coursing through her ears, she concocts one sentence after another to make her clients shine. Originally, she attended school to become a physical therapist, but as soon as a fire sabotaged one of her lab experiments in a biology class, she decided, "I should be an English major." She published her first book in 2021 with Morgan James Publishing and relishes the role of wife and stay-at-home mommy to four special children.

When Chantelle's not working, you might find her pacing behind the bleachers during her sons' baseball games in Las Vegas, NV. Or, she's lip syncing to Kelly Clarkson as she rounds the jogging trail at the park. Then again, she could be lounging in a lawn chair as her kids soak the driveway with a garden hose. In any situation, if you offer her one of your peanut M&Ms, you'll find a friend for life!

Chantelle's Background

JamboJon June 2023-Present

Morgan James Publishing 2021-present

Medical Assistant
Orthopedic Specialty Hospital, 2007-2008

BA, English
Minor in Family Studies
University of Utah

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