Google Updates: Data Privacy and New Laws in 2024

July 1, 2024

black and white sketch of data privacy

By the end of 2024, new laws in Florida, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, and Montana will enforce stricter privacy policies in those states. To help with compliance to these laws, Google is providing tools to their partners in ads and analytics so they can opt-in to law compliance. Part of this support includes updating Google Ads Data Processing Terms, Google Ads Controller-Controller Data Protection Terms, Google Measurement Controller-Controller Data Protection Terms, and U.S. State Privacy Laws Addendum so that all information is accessible to partners who are interested in the changes the laws are making. 

Google’s policies around these laws are all about restricted data processing. Restricted data processing essentially means that certain data can only be used for certain business purposes. Those business purposes are: ad delivery, reporting and measurement, security and fraud detection, debugging, and improving and developing features for the products offered. When Google advertisers are in compliance with the data privacy laws, restricted data (such as race, health status, religion, and sexual orientation) cannot be used, shared, or sold for these purposes. Google provides tools such as their Policy Manager to help Google advertising partners remain in compliance with these laws and practices.

This is a lot of confusing but legally important information. The good news is that the updates to Google’s terms and agreement listed above are automatic, and anyone who has agreed to them already will automatically be grandfathered into the new terms. Anyone who is eager to know is able to read the policies, as well as update their own user options.

If you have a JamboJon website and are curious about your compliance with these new laws and security policies, please reach out and we’ll be happy to go over your terms and agreements with you. We want everyone to be informed and safe with their data privacy online.