Kylee Priest

Graphic Designer and Developer Intern | JamboJon Websites

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Kylee Priest always felt she was more of a creative person and naturally gravitated to art. She has managed her own professional photography business for several years, and loves capturing life's special moments. She especially looks forward to photo shoots with couples, bottling the emotions of the moment into a precious "time capsule" core memory. When she transitioned into her role as a graphic designer and developer for JamboJon, the team witnessed her natural eye for beauty and the way her artistic touches brought messages to life.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kylee finds inspiration in the great outdoors and enjoys the simplicity of nature. Her knack for organizing events brings people together. She has been married for 10 years and is a proud parent of two boys and two girls. Her love for design, appreciation for the natural world, and the warmth of her family life all contribute to the unique individual she is today.

Kylee's Background

Intern | JamboJon

Web Development and Design (Emphasis on Design) | BYU-Idaho.

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