Reeling In More Customers For Your Business

Orchestrating the Perfect Catch

How wide can you spread your marketing net? If you are the fisherman standing at the water’s edge, ready to reel in customers, you need the right equipment. A professional fisherman checks and double checks his casting net before tossing it into the air. Imagine if your marketing strategy for your business operated as flawlessly as that graceful motion. Your website functions properly and provides an engaging, informative experience for site users that inspires action. Your conversion rates soar. Your social media accounts grow every day. You receive tons of referrals from satisfied clients. In short, your casting net has no tangles at all. As a business owner, what steps can you take to make this scenario a reality?


HR Service, Inc. came to JamboJon with a few tangles in its net. It had an impressive website with a wealth of information that performed well with SEO. Unfortunately, the number of conversions, or “catches,” was lacking. HR Service, Inc. wanted to update its existing website to make it more compelling, functional, and easily accessible to business owners, partners and HR professionals. They also needed the flexibility to update some of their content internally.

JamboJon – First Class Professionalism & Outstanding Value!!! We love our fabulous new website! From start to finish Jambojon is the best website development company I know of.”

- Ken Spencer HR Service, Inc.

Removing the Knots

HR Service, Inc. knows their business! Originally, they included all the detailed information for HR Compliance on their website for their clients, but it was difficult to digest. At JamboJon, we broke down the content to make it easier for clients to self-select based on their needs, challenges, and desired level of service. We organized information and consolidated pages so their partners, clients, and brokers could better understand and navigate their services. We enhanced their marketing by adding stunning images and graphics that established a visual of a friendly yet professional atmosphere. We created a straightforward three-step process for every service page. Despite an unfamiliar page builder structure and hosting that interfered with real-time updates, we untangled the few knots in their website net to widen HR Service, Inc’s business opportunities.  

  • Paired down their existing content.
  • Simplified technical jargon to easy to digest tips.
  • Enhanced visual images and graphics.
  • Included a doable 1-2-3 step process for every page.

Key Features:


JamboJon repurposed all existing HR Service, Inc. content and organized it logically. We broke it down into easily digestible snippets. When you visit the site, you understand their services and how to access them.

Unique Design

 Our team designed a magnificent website using eye-catching colors that highlight calls to action. The bold design draws your attention to the flip card features that provide detailed information without being too overwhelming.

Simple Steps

You come to HR Service, Inc.  with a specific HR problem to solve. Every service page begins by taking that problem and consolidating all relevant information down to three easy steps - specific, doable and practical solutions for you.


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