Making the Right Connections at a Local Gathering Place

Keeping Up the Pace

Imagine discovering a secret sanctuary where you and your spouse meet friends around the table to enjoy a fresh, warm meal. You visit so often, it becomes your SPECIAL place. Like an aid station in a marathon, this haven provides time to stop, catch your breath, and replenish what you have been missing. As you reflect on your life and the most significant conversations you had, you realize that they all happened in the same place! Food unites people, whether in celebration or mourning. What if I told you that such a gathering place exists? 

When the Willey family opened the doors to Penny Ann's Cafe, they invited it all - families, memories, good experiences and difficult ones in a cozy, welcoming setting. Their phenomenal food garnered attention from locals almost immediately. The Willeys needed an updated website to keep up with their trophy case brimming with awards. Because of their popularity, they needed waitlists for their locations, online ordering capabilities, a store to sell their mixes and merchandise, and a main hub for all of their locations.

Moochies Meatballs Owners

"They are amazing! I had three different websites worked on at the same time with varying degrees of upgrades. The work was fast and efficient and they communicated with me every step of the way to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend!"

- Paul Willey, Owner Penny Ann's Cafe

Efficient Processes for Booming Restaurants

Even the hardiest runners need to stop occasionally. Penny Ann's Cafe needed a quick pause to catch the technology up with the success of their restaurants. The website needed a refresh. Because it is the parent company for multiple chains, we consolidated all the different website builders to one. We eliminated unnecessary, dated, backend-processes and tweaked the content to provide a fresh glimpse at the Willey family's story and their booming restaurants. We introduced more efficient online processes: waitlists, an online store, and a streamlined ordering system. We mirrored the online experience with the in-person dining experience.

  • We added online waitlists for multiple restaurant locations
  • We created an online store for customers to purchase mixes, merchandise, and gift cards.
  • We freshened up the dated site and displayed their awards, front and center.

Key Features:

Online Ordering/Waitlists

We simplified the online ordering process, weaving the beautiful images of their home cooking with the Willey family story. We incorporated online waitlists so customers can enjoy their favorite food when it is most convenient for them.

Mirroring the Experience

We wanted to create a seamless experience between the online images and the in-person dining experience. The emotional connection to current pictures and the joy of each mouth-watering bite needed to be accurate.

Local Conversation

Penny Ann's Cafe has been part of the local food scene for years. They've racked up multiple awards from national and local media outlets. We spotlighted their successes and created a special page for their featured stories.