Take a Leap This Year! How to Build Better Business Relationships

March 12, 2024

Black and white explorer leaping

Every four years, an extra day sneaks onto February’s calendar, throwing us off with a bonus 24 hours. In some cultures, Leap Year Day is a day when women can propose marriage to a man. Taking that next-level leap in a relationship can be intimidating! (Cue sweaty hands and stuttering words!) To celebrate this light-hearted day, I propose that we take a different kind of relationship leap. Let’s look at our interactions with our clients and take them up a notch to become true, lasting connections. 

Learning how to build better business relationships requires more than just delivering a product or service; it’s about understanding your clients on a personal level. It’s no secret that regular communication, active listening, and empathy form the pillars of any successful relationship. You’ve heard that before. You may have seen it in your personal life. But how does it work in a business setting? Read below to learn 6 customer communication tips.

How can you connect with your clients?

Take the time to understand. 

As with any relationship, take the time to truly understand your client. What are their needs, goals, and challenges? Listen and ask questions to gain insights, without any angle in mind. Take the long view. Whether you make a sale today or not, treat your clients in a way that makes them feel valued and appreciated. Tailor your services to exactly what they need. Your approach will organically transform your business clients into raving fans.

Communicate effectively

Establish clear and open communication channels. Don’t place your importance above anyone. Respond promptly to emails and messages, showing that you value their time. Be reliable and consistent. Deliver on your promises and commitments. Reliability builds trust, a crucial element in any successful business relationship.

Personalize interactions

Add a personal touch to your communications. Remember the human being at the other end of the email chain. Acknowledge their birthdays, milestones, or other important events. Demonstrate genuine interest in your clients’ success. Celebrate achievements, both yours and your clients’. Reach out and provide support during challenging times. 

Network and strengthen relationships

Attend industry events, conferences, or networking functions to expand your professional circle. Build relationships outside formal settings - they can lead to valuable connections. Reciprocate that value by offering generous insights, resources, or solutions to your clients. Position yourself as a trusted advisor, not just a service provider.

Collaborate and solve problems

Maintain transparency in your dealings. Communicate openly about challenges or changes. Approach those challenges collaboratively; remember, you are on the same team! Those partnerships who have survived rough waters together are stronger than those who haven’t been tested. Showcase your commitment to them, even in tough situations. Your integrity will shine through. 

Passionately pursue your mission

You love your business because it allows you to pursue something meaningful. You make a difference! Your enthusiasm resonates with clients who share a similar vision or values. Your magnetic authenticity draws clients who appreciate and connect with the purpose behind your business.

Reflect on what you love about your business. Is it simply the dollar signs at the end of each month? Maybe. Does it give you permission to be creative and expand your talents? Quite possibly. But, I’ll bet that the most powerful, driving force that gets you out of bed every day is the difference you make in the lives of your clients; the profound connections you forge in every interaction.

Establishing and nurturing business relationships can be time consuming. But, it is worth it! This ongoing process requires genuine effort and commitment. By taking a LEAP and incorporating these strategies into your approach, you can cultivate strong, long-lasting connections that contribute to the success of everyone involved. Your lives intertwine whether you’ve noticed it or not. You share a journey together. Make the adventure one worth taking!