How to Have Fun in the Rain

April 8, 2024

black and white drawing of rain boots in a puddle

Sometimes, you just need to step away from the desk. Clear your head. When it’s raining outside, take advantage of the unexpected excursion. Be spontaneous! Go for a rainy hike. Breathe the deeply earthy smell all around you. Embrace your inner child and splash in puddles. Pack a waterproof picnic blanket, snacks, and cuddle under a covered porch listening to the raindrops. Capture the drizzly scene on your camera or smartphone. You don’t need to venture far to witness dramatic lighting, stunning reflections, and exaggerated color. Simply put on the headphones, turn up the tunes, shut your eyes and dance like nobody’s watching. Or, if the dreary weather drives you inside, poke around that shop you’ve always wanted to visit.