Making Your Hiring Processes One Degree Better

May 2, 2024

Pen and ink graduation cap

You’ve been there. You’ve been the family member fanning yourself in a sweltering auditorium, but you’ve also been the one to take the stage in cap and gown, diploma in hand. But what comes next?

“Young adults are having a challenging time finding good, well-paying jobs. The job market is extremely competitive, as more and more Americans attain college degrees. Furthermore, employers are requiring unrealistic professional experience for entry-level positions, making it difficult for recent graduates to compete in the job market.”

(Jack Kelly, “Why is It So Hard for Recent College Graduates to Find a Decent Job?” Forbes Magazine, February 15, 2024).

As a business owner, have you thought about your hiring processes? What if you incorporated a recent graduate into your business marketing? Think of the new ideas and energy you could infuse into your operations! 


Top Five Reasons You Should Consider a Recent Graduate For Your Marketing:


Embrace Fresh Perspectives 

You remember your graduation like it was yesterday. But let’s be honest. It’s been a few years. Recent graduates often bring new ideas and contemporary perspectives, especially in areas like technology, social media, and current trends. Listen to these insights and consider how you can improve your business processes, marketing strategies, and product innovations.


Leverage Technical Skills

Have you noticed that if you run into a snag with your phone or computer, all you need to do is call your teenager? With a simple click of a button, they resolve the issue that has had you simmering for the last hour. The rising generation of graduates possess a proficiency in the latest software, tools, and technologies. Digital marketing provides an opportunity to highlight their strengths in analytics, software development, or graphic design. Assign them projects that will help capitalize on these modern, intuitive skills.


Utilize Research Skills

It’s been a while since you agonized over writing research papers, scouring for resources, and triple checking all of your documentation to make sure it is ready. Why not delegate market research, competitor analysis, or following industry trends to someone well-versed in research and academic writing? Utilize graduates’ writing skills to inform your ever-changing business and marketing strategies.


Social Media and Digital Presence

This generation of youngsters knows how to navigate the digital world. They’ve never been without it. Tap into their familiarity with it to improve your company’s online presence. Social media and marketing campaigns look different across every platform. Allow someone well-versed in media and technology to enhance your online presence.


Encourage Innovation: 

Methods change. Nowadays, even a math problem can be calculated in different ways. Diversify your team with people of all ages, from different backgrounds and specializations. Create an environment that encourages innovation. Watch how your team tackles long-standing issues. Allow everyone space to work on passion projects that may benefit the company.

Consider hiring a marketing intern or connecting with a graduate with the know-how to enhance your business. At JamboJon, our interns have transitioned organically into treasured, full-time team members. It might be tempting to send the newbie off to pick up coffee and donuts before a company meeting. Don’t do that! Instead, invite them to sit down at the table. Give them opportunities to shine and to learn. Include them in hackathons, innovation labs, or projects that speak to their abilities. Let them contribute. In turn, they’ll offer a refreshing perspective untainted by years of traditional processes. In a safe space, you’ll both find yourselves improving by degrees.