Your Imagination is the Limit

Finding the Priceless Diamond

You receive an invitation to display a product booth at a massive annual conference. You stand shoulder to shoulder with the titans in your industry. Even with thousands of attendees and presenters, your memorable message stands out. What’s your secret? You unearthed a priceless diamond: a remarkable company so versatile in its skill set that they can literally create anything. You humbly shake hands with their creatives whose one-stop-shop’s tagline reads, “If you can dream it; we can build it. Your imagination is the limit.” They make your event spectacular, even down to a jaw-dropping, interactive booth, its lighting and confetti cannons. You look like the hero.

When JamboJon met Scenic Solutions their website didn’t fully describe the breadth of services they offered their clients. Even though they could build any set, tradeshow or retail space, their online platform lacked clarity about what made them stand out. It lacked enough content for search engine’s to rank. Their incredible project designs were hidden in the recesses of the website. Beautiful theater sets, broadcast newsrooms, store fronts, pieces for big marketing events all needed to be spotlighted. On the back end, everything was initially programmed in short code, which complicated maintainability. Future updates and changes promised to be time-consuming and prone to error.

Polishing the Gem

It didn’t take much for JamboJon to polish Scenic Solution’s website gem. We gathered the diverse talents available within our staff to match the challenges posed by the existing Scenic Solutions platform. 

  • Our writers created engaging content that drew attention to the company’s portfolio of impressive projects. 
  • Our designers opened the door for site visitors to journey through their creativity. 
  • Our programmers set up a CRM system to position Scenic Solutions for an email marketing campaign that will take their business to the next level. 
  • We reprogrammed the site on a fresh theme, so that it will better fit their digital needs for the future.

Key Features:

Spotlight the Portfolio

Scenic Solutions’ exhibits, stages and sets wows hundreds of thousands of consumers at events nationally. We showcased clear examples of their displays and let their impressive projects take center stage.

Optimize Customer Interaction

To optimize interactions with current and potential customers, we integrated a CRM system for an email marketing campaign to enhance their business and organize with efficiency.

Immersed in the Story

Finding the right words can be a difficult task for anyone. Our writers shared our client’s story, immersing the site visitors in a world of imagination and creation.