Hit the Ground Running With a New Website

Repurposing Your Message

Have you ever worn out a pair of running shoes? It happens gradually. At first, the inside lining starts to deteriorate, offering you less cushion. You develop blisters on your feet, even though you’ve never had problems before. Over time, bumpy trails wear down the soles or create holes that expose your socks to the elements. You don’t want to get rid of the shoes! They’ve worked for years.  As the shoes deteriorate, their quality of protection for your feet weakens. You patch and tape, changing out your socks to extend the life of your beloved shoes, but at some point, you just need a brand new pair better suited to your needs.

When Arthritis Knee Pain Centers contacted JamboJon, they could relate to this struggle. They had a functional website with professionally written content, links, videos and testimonials for their various services, but every update to the site had grown cumbersome. Uncomfortable. They wanted to build a new website that recycled their old content, making it a better user experience with improved presentation. Updates and maintenance were important, and they wanted to be able to have better control moving forward.

“...JamboJon has the best website development process from start to finish that I have ever seen. They have an archetype storytelling approach to websites that is refreshing and effective...”

- Doug Roper
Marketing Director - Arthritis Knee Pain Centers

The Power of Being Relatable

AKPC chose to incorporate a fresh new design that used their wealth of content, while still maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the site. The right fit doesn’t always happen immediately. Even though AKPC deals with pressing medical issues, they did not want to portray themselves as sterile or cerebral. They wanted relatability. They wanted the regular guy or girl to feel comfortable with them, even before they walked into their centers. We changed the voice and tone of the content to create a trusting, familiar feel. Since AKPC, by nature, is meticulous in their craft and attentive to detail, we had to understand their exact expectations for every page of the site. With incredible communication, we were able to deliver a professional product that can be used for years to come.

  • We updated the voice and tone of the content to be relatable to anyone.
  • We used a fresh design to maintain the aesthetics of their original site.
  • Incredible communication allowed this site to be presented in its best possible light.

Key Features:

Simplified UX

We eliminated additional steps for the interested user. Every location page included coding to update the phone number specific to the location. We also programmed auto-selected forms for each location. 


Above all else, AKPC wanted to be approachable. We included a lot of calls to action and shared stories from clients. We wanted to communicate WHY a patient could feel comfortable, even before they ever saw anyone.


We tested this website to make sure everything worked well on the mobile site. With such big blocks of content, we had to be consciously aware of how they translated into a positive experience, regardless of the devices used.


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