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You’ve come a long way already: you had a great idea and you started a business! Congratulations! This is no small mountain you’ve climbed. No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, we know you’re familiar with facing new, unexpected challenges and heading them straight on. But we also know how overwhelming each summit can be. Are your savings and spending balancing to make you profitable? Are you doing your taxes right? How can you make sure your business is operating optimally - and legally?

At JamboJon, we love to be your guide on the internet, helping you navigate search engines and marketing so people see your business. But the right business lawyer will be your guide through your legal requirements, including contracts, tax law, business structure, and more. There’s a legal jungle out there, and you don’t want your business caught unequipped! 

Your business can have a lot of success if you invest in the right equipment for your journey. A product or service, a website, the right marketing. But don’t forget to add something to your kit to take care of your legal needs: the right business lawyer.


The Right Business Lawyer Could Change Your Life

Let us introduce you to EVN Law. EVN Law operates a little differently than your average law firm because their founder, Thor Roundy, is an attorney and a business owner. He has been exactly where you are, he’s climbed those same mountains, and he created EVN Law to operate like a business, not a law firm. Not only are they experts on business law in Utah, but they also practice what they preach!

EVN Law thoroughly vets the attorneys they hire to ensure that each has a strong success record - because they are dedicated to helping business owners like you have the right gear and navigation to traverse those legal rivers and jungles. After all, your business is like one of your children, and you don’t want to just send it into the rainforest without at least some bug spray. EVN Law can be your outfitter to set up your business for success.

Do you have questions about filing your business taxes or contracts you may need for your business? What about copyright and trademarks? Compliance, litigation, mergers, or more - EVN Law can guide you. Don’t risk tackling the legal jungle alone!

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