Sierra Bieling

Copywriter and Social Media Coordinator | JamboJon Websites

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Sierra Bieling has always leaned into writing as her strongest subject in school, but after taking a creative writing class and witnessing her storytelling talent breathe on its own, she couldn't stop! She discovered a deep love for sharing stories, especially in the ever-evolving world of media. She honed her research, writing, and communication skills through her studies, but mastered visual connections through profile photography. Whether behind the lens, or at a computer, Sierra immerses herself in what she loves. She is a proud member of the Jambo Jon copywriting team.

With her faithful dog jogging by her side, Sierra ticks experiences off her bucket list, one or two at a time.  In the next year, she'll expand her knowledge of oil painting, photography, and ceramics. She plans to circle the globe sampling new food and immersing herself in different settings and cultures. As our social media coordinator, we'll have a back seat to all of her exciting adventures. Buckle up! With a storyteller like Sierra, you can trust that you'll have an amazing ride!

Sierra's Background

Copywriter, Social Media Coordinator | JamboJon (1 year)

BA - Journalism and Media Communications, Minor - English | Colorado State University (2024)

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