Even With Website Woes, Pizza is Always the Answer!

Performance and Analytics Mining helps JamboJon Repair and Enhance Este Pizza's Online Presence

Have you ever built a decent business website and watched it go live, only to discover no traffic and poor conversion rates? Did Google's algorithm and metrics disregard your brand and bury it beneath pages of competitors? You created an amazing product and its success is threatened because of technical issues. That's when you need a professional.

Este Pizza hired JamboJon to tackle these valid concerns. They stand behind their New York-style pizza, one of the most delicious bites of food in the area. Este Pizza obviously perfected the right balance of ingredients, textures and flavors. They provided a welcoming atmosphere for families and friends. But, something was off. Like a geologist, we stepped into mine the problem.

Excavating the Site; Tracking the Data

After some digging, we discovered that we needed to tweak and optimize Este Pizza's existing site. While tantalizing images of pizza entice a hungry lunch crowd, the lack of content on the site eroded the company's ranking with Google. We created sound content that invited Google to pay attention. We updated all of the measurable data with GA4's events-tagging processes so that Este Pizza can monitor their traffic and know how to adjust their marketing campaign according to the data. We also streamlined the ordering process and placed it front-and-center to enhance the customer's experience.

  • We introduced incredible content that spoke to the client, their customers and Google's system.

  • We added GA4 data tracking so that the client can pinpoint the fault lines in their processes.

  • We simplified the ordering process for customers.

Key Features:


Este Pizza has an unmatched gallery of mouth-watering menu items. Your tummy will rumble just by browsing all that ooey-gooey goodness.

Simplified Orders

We eliminated any confusing sections of online orders. Because when you're craving pizza, who wants to wait for a sluggish online system?

Data Tracking

A business can't know what to fix without knowing the problem. We optimized and added data tracking to hand to the client.