Rebuilding a Tasty Restaurant Site from Scratch

Where Is the Wind Blowing Your Parachute?

Have you ever inherited an existing business or website, only to discover the imperfections that came along with it? As you familiarize yourself with the inner workings of the day-to-day business, you start to notice that not everything has been maintained as it should, including the website. 

When Paul Willey took over as the new owner of Moochie's Meatballs, he knew he needed to upgrade the website and approached JamboJon for help. As we dug into the site, we discovered licenses that hadn't been renewed, minimal content, far too many plugins, a patchwork of website builders, poor programming execution, and a runaway marketing campaign with a gift of national notoriety through a Food Network spotlight. The more we uncovered on the site, the more work needed to be done. We decided to export what was good from the old site, like the design and much of the content and rebuild a brand new website for a fresh start.

Moochies Meatballs Owners

"They are amazing! I had three different websites worked on at the same time with varying degrees of upgrades. The work was fast and efficient and they communicated with me every step of the way to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend!"

- Paul Willey, Owner Moochie's Meatballs

Moving Forward on a Clearly Defined Path

However imperfect, the existing website offered a valuable starting point. Food Network had catapulted Moochie's popularity and, in the process, totally overtook online messaging. Willey wanted to regain control of Moochie's messaging, beginning with the website. While we highlighted the national attention given to the brand, the owner wanted to stay true to the delicious food locals loved from the original hole-in-the-wall diner. 

We analyzed the data and found that the catering business and online ordering systems could be improved. We eliminated unnecessary elements and plugins. Moochie's can now move forward with a clearly defined path for its marketing campaigns and online processes.

  • JamboJon highlighted the incredible food with mouth-watering images and easy ordering capabilities.
  • We created a customized page focused on catering - which is the newest, most successful direction for the restaurant.
  • We simplified the website, without sacrificing content or quality.
  • We filled in the gaps and improved functionality.

Key Features:

Online Ordering

 We simplified the online ordering process, weaving the beautiful menu images of their fresh ingredients with the online cart. Now customers can enjoy their favorite food when it is most convenient for them.


Moochie's deserves the slew of awards they have received. We proudly draped a banner across the home page to reflect their hard work! We created a moving scroll of media mentions and recognitions - far too many to count.


Moochie's needed to retain its unique identity outside of the media chatter. We dialed down the national spotlight and focused on what put Moochie's on the map in the first place - their amazing FOOD!


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