Finding a Firm Foundation
When You’re Sinking in Quicksand

What Should My Website Do?

As a business owner, all your employees and clients look to you for guidance and direction. You are THE problem solver. Every decision begins and ends with you. You create a strong facade to mask your weaknesses and humanness. But the truth is, you don’t always know the next right step in life or business. The mental battle overwhelms you. Like an athlete running on loose sand, each stride requires more energy, more determination than the last. Business decisions grow more laborious - without a solid foundation, you only focus on staying upright, never reaching your maximum potential.

Marco Lopez created MINDTUNE in response to the growing needs of business owners. He helps leaders identify and clarify their needs, both personally and in business. In doing so, he helps them find their solid foundation. MINDTUNE works internationally with individuals and large groups on the stage or in smaller settings. Marco needed a brand new website to consolidate all of the different branches of his growing business into one accessible platform. He reached out to JamboJon for assistance. He had general ideas for his website but wasn’t certain what he wanted his website to do.

"These guys are amazing! My website just went live, and I am so excited about what they have helped me create. It's a beautiful and very usable website, and my favorite part is that they did an OUTSTANDING job of helping me communicate my brand message. They listened and listened to what I wanted, and they helped me create it! Like a good coach, sometimes they had to override my proposed changes, and I liked that. They helped guide me to the website I wanted. I appreciate their commitment to excellence! "

-Marco Lopez, Mindtune

Seeking Out a Solid Trail

A gust of wind sweeps loose sand in every direction. Like a runner seeking out a solid trail, JamboJon had to coach our client to find the foundational direction for his site. We created incredible content for each of the different aspects of Marco’s business based on his coaching program. Then, we translated the content so that it is now available in three different languages. We designed a site to mirror the purpose of his business and made it accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. From the images selected for each panel to the calming, gradient colors, it now provides a solid starting point to grow MINDTUNE.

  • Designed a site to mirror the calm, peaceful aspect of mindfulness.
  • Wrote original content and translated it into three different languages.
  • Consolidated all aspects of MINDTUNE’s coaching to one accessible place.

Key Features:


The JamboJon team translated the entire website from English to both Spanish and Portuguese. He needed to include his international clients without slowing down the site speed.

Calendly Links

Marco Lopez values personal connection. He knew one-on-one conversations with potential clients would maximize his effectiveness as a coach. We provided visitors an opportunity to schedule time with Marco.

Design Elements

JamboJon designed a website using soft gradients and peaceful colors for smooth transitions. We rounded the corners of each panel so it reflects the calm, assertive, liberating feeling of his business.


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