Sometimes One Backpack Isn’t Enough

Expanding Your Business Capacity

Do you remember the backpack you took to school growing up? You couldn’t use that backpack to go on a backpacking trip, and you’d need a totally different backpack for your kayaking trip. All kinds of different backpacks suit just as many different needs. Rob Ferre is a talented DJ who had a growing dream, and needed a new “backpack” to fit the job.

Rob desired to shift his business from solely weddings and parties to include elementary school assemblies and daytime gigs. He had no existing website and wanted one to reflect his growth. At the same time, his wedding business expanded and he hired a team of disc jockeys to fill in the work. Rob needed a new, classy DJ backpack for that adventure. In addition, as his repertoire increased, he needed a space to market himself as a speaker, entertainer, and master of ceremonies—one more backpack to hang on Rob’s wall of business excellence.

"Sarah and Jonny with JamboJon have created three websites for me. Each website was unique to fit the different brands I was trying to create for the different parts of my business. I chose to work with them because of their accessibility, friendliness, professionalism, and quick turn around. I have loved my experience with them, and I have referred other friends to them. I say always work with someone you trust and even like. I love the time they take with me to put my ideas into action. One of the greatest benefits to their service is the ongoing education they give me to edit my website. They also are very responsive to my needs when I need anything edited that I can’t do on my own. They are well worth the value they give. I would use their services again, I’ve already done it three times!” 

  • Rob Ferre, Life of the Party, Owner, 5 Times Best of State Winner

The Right Backpack for Each Adventure

Rob came to JamboJon looking for one website, but as his business and his reputation grew, he needed different sites to fill each of his needs. We created a suite of websites for Rob Ferre, focusing on the different goals of Rob’s business plans. He needed a fun, colorful backpack for his elementary school assembly and keynote business. He needed a cool, refined bag for his fleet of wedding and party DJs. And he needed an entertaining, vibrant backpack with lots of pockets for his speaking and emceeing. Rob worked closely with us to bring continual updates and new photography to his websites. Together, we reached clarity about Rob’s marketing strategies so that each website could be a greatest hit. With these new, tailored websites, Rob won “Best of State'' for DJ Services five times, as well as the Couples Choice award for Wedding Wire seven times. The right online backpack equipped him to focus on getting guests on the dance floor and entertaining his clients.

  • We developed Rob’s branding and visuals for three different businesses
  • We fostered a great partnership to allow for ongoing relevant and exciting updates to the websites
  • We specified branding and online presence allowing Rob to grow his businesses into an award-winning entertainment experience

Key Features:

Cohesive Branding

Rob needed three different websites, but he was still the same entertainer doing each job. His websites each needed their own branding as well as work together to exhibit Rob and his style.

Continual Growth

Rob’s business is always expanding, and his websites must follow. We continually update the websites with new photography from events, as well as new awards that Rob is winning.

An Online Party

As an entertainer, Rob’s websites needed to be dynamic and fun. They feature bright colors and fonts, but most excitingly, videos of Rob working so clients can see his work come to life.


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