The Lifelong Adventure: Nurturing Childlike Wonder in Human Nature

Living a Life With a Child's Curiosity

Imagine living life as you did when you were a child, where every sensory experience exposed colorful varieties of something new. You used to hop from one foot to the other, barely able to contain your excitement for the day. When you're little, time doesn't exist. A child pauses to examine the wings of a dragonfly, or rifles through a patch of clover, looking for one with four leaves. What if you lived each day with eyes wide open, nurturing curiosity and wonder, right alongside your children? 

Steven and Becky Heumann are authors of a children's book series called "Following the Humans." They created a family-based adventure program where learning happens through experience. They needed a new website that catered to this idea of youthful discovery and a home base for a growing list of followers. The site needed to include an e-commerce component where parents can purchase a subscription, and each month, a new adventure packet arrives at their home.

Trial, Human Error, and Triumph: The Formula For Success!

At JamboJon, we wanted to magnify Steven's approach to hands-on learning and discovery for families. Because he wanted the families to appreciate a different book each month, we built a flexible subscription process. A customer can choose which book to begin with and which payment plan works best for them. Depending on the choices, the entire subscription process is customized. Through trial and error, our developers found a way to bring this whimsical book series subscription to life in family adventures.

  • Created a flexible subscription program molded to the client's budget and book choice.
  • Introduced Ollie, the alien, to families ready to discover an adventure together.

Key Features:

Free Book

In a world where you only get to sample one page or a chapter of a new book, we featured Steve's ENTIRE first book as a free download.

Whimsical Art

As you meet Ollie and follow his alien adventures in the human world, you can help but be drawn in by his charming, child-like approach to discovery.


Choices are the heart of everything. The better the options, the more enticing the product. We let customers build a subscription specific to them.


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