See What Lies Just Below the Surface

Capturing the Depths of Human Emotion

For decades, divers have used special cameras to capture the wonders of the ocean. Previously inaccessible to the majority, these captivating images sparked a newfound appreciation for the beauty and diversity under the surface. What if you, as an entrepreneur, possessed a unique ability to see the potential in a budding project that no one else could see? How would that set you apart from your peers? You would create your own niche, inspiring a generation of others to look at their business, or clients, a little differently.

Emily Drew is no run-of-the-mill photographer. She takes a person that you would normally pass on the street, and dives into the depths of that individual, unveiling layers of personality and vulnerability with each photograph. She coaxes a compelling story out of them. She approached JamboJon with the challenge to revamp her existing website. It had potential. Like her clients, she wanted to enliven her portfolio with her new photo campaigns. She needed to streamline her business to allow others to schedule, gather information, and store it in a database. She knew JamboJon could help!

Turn Something Ordinary Into Extraordinary

JamboJon partnered with this visionary photographer and began with the most practical needs first. Since Emily needed to focus on her clients, we took as much of the administrative demands off her plate as possible. We implemented a new CRM system and tailored it to her, giving her the tools to schedule and centralize her customer data. This delivered a more personalized experience for her customers, increased their satisfaction, and empowered Emily to focus on what she does best. We generated luxurious pages to feature her new campaigns, inviting ordinary women to discover their extraordinary qualities the majority of people don’t get to see.

  • We incorporated a new CRM system that allowed Emily and her team to schedule and communicate with her clients.
  • We created a space to showcase her “40 over 40” and “Goddess” campaigns, celebrating the beauty and diversity of women.
  • Showcased the captivating experience crafted by Emily for a woman’s true essence of beauty to be revealed and captured on film.

Key Features:

Before/After Sliders

We included before and after slides of her customers. Check out their original look contrasting to their fully embodied goddess. With vivid images, we display Emily Pearl Photography’s unique and award winning style.

CRM System

We centralized all customer data and interactions into one streamlined system, tailored to the needs of the company. It allowed for tracking, email integration and analytics to ultimately drive revenue growth.

Empowering Gallery

Finding the right words can be a difficult task for anyone. Our writers shared our client’s story, immersing the site visitors in a world of imagination and creation.


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