Shouldering Growth: A Backpack Full of Possibilities

Organizing For Success

Have you ever emptied a backpack so full of stuff that you forgot everything you had collected? Tip it upside down, shake it a couple times, and it may surprise you what falls out. Start by making piles. When our client, Angela Nusbaum decided to launch a new website, she sorted through her skills and talents and applied them to her business. She boasted over 15 years and tens of thousands of hours practicing massage therapy. She expanded her knowledge to include light and energy work, coaching, and hosting retreats. She is a teacher, a healer. She understands problem solving and how the body reacts in different situations. With a mixed bag of talents, she needed to prioritize which would move her business forward.  

Angela came to JamboJon with a distinct vision. She wanted to help regular men and women identify the challenges they were facing that could simply be transformed through work, classes and opportunity. To do so, she needed to clearly communicate her offered services and hone in on her message.

Crafting an Adaptive Site for an Evolving Company

Angela contacted JamboJon with an idea to expand her business to not only include massage, but offer classes, coaching and retreats.


We began with a brand new website, we acted as a consultant to help her transform her expert knowledge into a website, landing pages and marketing strategy. We wanted to inspire potential customers to join Angela’s community. We helped her sort through options and decide how she wanted to present and highlight her projects. We organized them in practical ways that appealed to her clients, creating a platform and marketing strategy that best fit her brand. We’ve coached her in how to grow her site to fit her business needs. She’s adapted to change - and so has her business. Now, we customize pages for her events and monthly classes.

  • We developed a website, landing page and marketing strategy based on her expert skills.
  • We’ve adapted her site as her business evolved into more events and classes.

Key Features:


Angela offers a subscription to her monthly courses. Because she tailors her approach to the needs of the attendees, the course differs every month.

Event Pages

Instead of offering “ticketed events,” Angela offers her events as products. Her clients pay admission to the event, but can also add “extras” to the retreats based on their preferences.


Angela has successfully grown her business to offer more group classes and retreats instead of, primarily, massage therapy. Her website has transformed as she needed it.


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