Taking Roofing Up a Notch

How Do You Spread the Word?

Have you ever encountered a product that you knew would change the world? Using the highest quality materials, the product surpasses the competition in functionality and budget. Aesthetically, it blows your mind! You can't stop staring. You'd shimmy up the flagpole and raise an ensign at each port to let them know about you. In today's business world, how do you spread the word? 

Christina Ovari came to JamboJon with that problem. At her company, Spengler Industries, they craft fine metal roofing systems, intricately designed, functional pieces of jaw-dropping art. These roofing systems adorn European cathedrals and castles, and have been spotted on government buildings and upscale residential properties across the United States. Spengler Industries initially invested in a gallery-focused website, but it needed a facelift. Christina wanted a modern, rebranded marketing strategy to reach new customers and generate interest.

Spengler Industries owner portrait

"Appreciate all the love and labor that went into this! The fixes are BREATHTAKING! It's everything I ever wanted! THANK YOU!!!!" 

- Christina Ovari, Spengler Industries

Elevating Visibility: A Seamless Rebranding Journey

At JamboJon, we helped Christina hoist the flag so her product and company are more visible. As her company rebranded, we assisted with design updates, a pop of personal touches, and moved her site to a new domain. Our team tightened up a marketing campaign with an email funnel targeting a specific group and implemented a free download in exchange for new leads. We updated functionality, and added a couple of crucial pages to the existing website. 

  • Created a marketing campaign targeting a specific demographic.

  • Rebranded to consolidate companies and add personalization.

  • Updated functionality and efficiency of the website

Key Features:

Lead Magnet

Our client provided an amazing, free downloadable PDF for connecting with Spengler Industries. It shares an interview with a roofing master and his secrets he's learned in the industry.

Funnel Campaign

JamboJon created amazing, customized content in an email funnel to speak to a specific demographic. Keap organized and automated the information in a beautiful, presentable format.


Spengler Industries' portfolio of projects speaks for itself. Their gallery entices the curious to look further into the company and the possibilities of what they do.