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Tech Tip

Tech Tip - ChatGPT In Every Day Life

ChatGPT in Everyday Life- "AI is a mixed bag of usefulness and crutches. Regardless of your feelings, the technology is here to stay. I try to keep an open mind about how it can improve the speed and quality of my work, but I also understand that it has limits and dangers. Like any new technology, you can write it off as a detriment or look for ways to grow with it. Adaptability may be the answer as AI becomes more and more powerful, and I realize I will have to change the ways I have done things in the past as its usefulness increases. Although many are averse to its use, I have been experimenting with ways ChatGPT can improve my processes. It has shown great promise in several areas of my work. From improving programming skills, content creation, and flushing out business ideas to solving a host of challenges, I am beginning to see great use and am intrigued by what is to come as the technology improves. I am excited and cautious to see what the future holds for ChatGPT and other AI systems." -Jonny Johnson