Extravagance Without Additional Responsibility

A New Concierge Service

Jewel Basin contacted JamboJon requesting a brand-new website geared towards clients who own a boat or RV. Though recreational vehicles provide opportunities for lasting memories with family and friends, they also require storage, engine maintenance, cleaning, servicing the tanks, oil changes, detailing, and winterization. All responsibilities we wish could be delegated to someone else.

Jewel Basin wanted an easy, worry-free experience for their clients, even when it came to deciding on whether they wanted (or needed) professional assistance. The variety of clients would have different requests at different times. JamboJon had to consolidate all the services offered without fire hosing the client with information. New and existing clients required immediate attention and direct access to Jewel Basin in case of a spontaneous getaway.

Jewel Basin Concierge Project

A Stress-Free Experience

We streamlined a luxurious concierge service website for Jewel Basin's clients. With only the push of a button, customers shed the stress-filled tasks and can schedule according to their needs. Need storage? Of course! Winterization? No problem. Like a white-gloved worker in a gold-trimmed jacket, the site offers every service imaginable, encouraging their clients to focus on enjoying the journey, not the stress.

  • To prevent information overwhelm, we consolidated all services and packages into two buttons.

  • We added a portal for existing customers to access their account and recreational vehicle anytime.

  • We made sure client could contact Jewel Basin easily and immediately.

Key Features:

Luxurious textures

Jewel Basin caters to an upscale clientele; we added warm, luxurious textures and colors to mimic that high-end aesthetic. This enhances the the visuals of vacation and relaxation.

Flip Card Information

With the variety of services and packages, we introduced a "flip card" feature, where images "flip," revealing the necessary information, in a bite-size amount, with an easy contact button.


As with any concierge service, a client needs immediate solutions to urgent problems. Instead of providing a phone number, we linked an immediate video call for contact.