When It's Your Health, One Size Doesn't Fit All

The Difference of a Customized Project

Imagine walking up to a pharmacy window, the attendant waving to you, greeting you by name. She reaches for your bag on the shelf. Like a custom set of skis that improve your balance, control, and efficiency outdoors, the pharmacist hands over medication customized specifically to you, your body composition, and your unique health needs. No more one-size-fits-all generic capsules. Would you be interested in what else your pharmacy could offer? 

In the tradition of quality pharmacists over 100 years ago, Smith Rexall Drug offers consistent, accurate, and safe "compounded" pharmaceuticals created with a specific person in mind. They serve individuals, not major pharmaceutical companies. With a desire to personalize their online business, they contacted JamboJon to build a robust showcase of specialized products and services. Their online shop had to be user-friendly and sync with their current inventory. As a bonus, they wanted to offer their clients continuing education options and current articles.

Tapping into the Momentum of a Personalized Approach

At the top of the slope, a skier snaps his boot into custom bindings, confident that as he gains momentum, his skis will work in tandem with his unique body shape and ability. Likewise, JamboJon strapped on Smith Rexall's business model and tapped into the momentum of a personalized approach. We custom-coded and designed a unique, online shop for known VIP pharmacy members. We consolidated our client's online resources and built a reference library for specific health concerns. We added easily accessible courses, blog posts, and the ability to interact with customers. The site remains fresh with consistent, varied content.

  • Smith Rexall believes in an individualized approach to health. JamboJon custom-coded a website specific to their needs.
  • We chose to utilize Big Commerce to integrate our client's inventory systems, a personalized decision to accommodate Smith Rexall.

Key Features:

Targeted Health Concerns

If a customer suffers from a specific health problem, we created a comprehensive feature offering articles, products, and tips to try for each concern.


Generally, a website can be built using a template as the foundation. Because Smith Rexall had specific needs, we started from scratch, custom coding according to their needs.


Our client discovered fraudulent attempts to resell their quality products elsewhere for profit. We designed a VIP shop that can only be accessed by screened, actual customers of Smith Rexall.